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Our Services

Text/Email Translation Service Packages

Introductory Price Regular Price
Payment Plan 24-hr service 3-hr service 24-hr service 3-hr service
5 Text/Email Package $87.5 ($17.5/message) $100 ($20/message) $125 ($25/message) $150 ($30/message)
10 Text/Email Package $170 ($17/message) $190 ($19/message) $245 ($24.5/message) $290 ($29/message)
15 Text/Email Package $247.5 ($16.5/message) $270 ($18/message) $360 ($24/message) $420 ($28/message)
Text/Email Translation Service

Document Preparation Services

Base rate: (Negotiable)
Japanese to English English to Japanese
$0.08 - $0.2 /Japanese Character $0.15 -$0.4 /English word
Document Preparation Service

Language Learning Services

If you are currently a student learning English/Japanese, join our COMMUNITY BRIDGING PROJECT.
This project is a Forum Based Project that allows students from all over the place to ask questions about the language/culture that they are learning about.

If you would like to volunteer to become a COMMUNITY BRIDGING REPRESENTATIVE, please contact us.
Role of a Community Bridging Representative:  You will represent either the English community or the Japanese community depending on your background and respond to questions related to your community to the best of your knowledge.

Language Learning Service

Text-Based Lessons

How it works:

  • Choose a topic to write or we can provide you with a topic to write about
  • Once you submit, we will review your submission and return with comments and suggestions
  • Weekly submissions will be returned within 48 hours, Bi-weekly submission within 72 hours, Monthly submission within a week.
  • Choose the frequency in which you would like to submit

Weekly Submission: 4 Submissions/month.  Up to 200 English words/sub. Or 500 Japanese characters/sub.

Bi-weekly Submission: 2 Submissions/month.  Up to 300 words/sub. Or 750 Japanese characters/sub.

Monthly Submission: 1 Submission/month.  Up to 500 Words/sub. Or 1250 Japanese characters/sub.

Weekly Submission

  • Monthly$160 ($40/sub.)
  • 3 Month$468 ($39/sub.)
  • 6 Month$920 ($38/sub.)

Bi-weekly Submission

  • Monthly$120 ($60/sub.)
  • 3 Month$351 ($58.5/sub.)
  • 6 Month$691 ($57.5/sub.)

Monthly Submission

  • Monthly$80 ($80/sub.)
  • 3 Month$234 ($78/sub.)
  • 6 Month$460 ($77/sub.)

Payment Plan


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6 Month

  • +2 Submissions FREE
    (Up to 300 words/submission)


  • + 1 Month FREE

ZOOM-Based Lessons

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Community Bridging Project (FREE TO JOIN)

Join us and get connected to communities around the world.
Share your knowledge of your language, community, and culture.
Be curious, be open-minded, be global and make new friends!

Contact us and learn about VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES for this project.